Abs, bis and tris

2 x Incline bench- crunches:10 top, 10, bottom, 10 full, 10 cherry picker, 10 turtle (no breaks)

Leg raises with 10# 3 x 15

2 x 10 Knee raises, 10 leg raises

2 x Bosu ball sit-up x 10 low pulses x 10, turtle x 10, cherry picker x 10

Oblique crunch 45# plate 3 x 15 each side

45# plate on back planks 5 x 20 seconds each

5 x Toes to bar x 5 and leg raise x5

Bicep curl machine 5 x 10

Reverse grip straight bar tricep extension 5 x 10

Burnout bicep DB curl x 4

Cable tricep extension burnouts x 3



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