Busy week!

This was a really busy week at work and the weather got crappy so Tuesday I did a blah chest workout,
Wednesday I met with the owner of SoCO crossfit for his organized running club:
5k with a WOD in the middle and along the path to the WOD we did pushups, situps, burpees, walking lunges, air squats and the WOD was 3 x 7 stone squats, 20 situps, 10 wall balls, 10 hanging knees to elbows then ran back to the bar where we met at,
yesterday crappy hang clean, clean and press, clean and squat routine to get my heart rate up before.
Today: 5x 5 toes to bar, 10 pushups, either 5 Hang clean, clean and squat or squat and press
60 min hot Corepower yoga

I have a race on sunday, I think 7 miles or something. Hopefully next week won’t be so crazayyyy


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