Abs again and again and 3 more times

10 miles on my beautiful bicycle today! And dennn…

2×5 toes to bar
3×5 back squat 135#
AB Routine.. I decided I’m going to start timing myself since this is my generic ab routine I like to smoke myself with ..
5x (no breaks)
10 -4 count flutter kicks 25# behind head arms extended out straight
10- leg lifts 25# the same as above
10- 4 count KB twist 25#
100 (1 side = count 1) heel touches
30 sec plank 25# on back
5 toes to bar

I think I’ll take some pics of where I hold the weight etc eventually 🙂 and time myself woop woop

10x 10 bench press flat bench
4x 5 toes to bar
5 half skin the cats (just toes to the sky, not all the way backwards)
2x 10 tricep extensions with straight bar (on cable machine thingy)
5×10 tricep pushups
3x 10 (5 ea arm) 45# DB snatch
5 ….. Uhm… 25# KB in each hand, clean and press, put down, climb out to a high plank, pushup, crawl back

Enjoy! Not! 🙂



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