Smokin abs!

Killer ab routine today… This is why you shouldn’t bet me that I can’t make you want to cry and curl up into a ball…

Warm up with some toes to bar, shoulder stretches, pushups, box jumps

-15 4count wide kick flutter kicks with 25# KB behind your head, arms extended parallel to ground
-10 leg lifts with KB same way as above don’t let your legs or feet or the KB touch the ground!
-10 2count KB twist side to side with feet off the ground
-100 heel touches ( sit up position, bring fingertips to one heel then the other, keep shoulders off the ground and core engaged)
-30 sec plank with 25# on back
-5 toes to bar
**30 sec break after 3rd round**

3x 3 power clean, then slowly press, slowly bring down to clean position and squat .. Use a heavier than normal weight.. I usually throw up 65-75 so I used 95



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