I’m cursed.

I was sick again with an all out sinus infection. I threw out the antibiotics after 4 days of them not working at all and did at least a 60 minute hot yoga session every day and now I feel awesome.

Today’s workout:
60 minute Hot Power Fusion yoga class this morning at 0600

This afternoon:
Half a mile up and down the stairs and around the track fast run
5 sets:
5 toes to bar
5 hang clean
5 hang clean and press
5 hang clean and squat

Warmed up with 65# moved up to 75# cooled down with 45#. Focused on form but went through the sets really quickly .

We have stupid squadron PT in the morning so I’ll probably hit the Crossfit gym after work. As long as I don’t come down with some b.s sickness tonight 😦



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