Oh yea, I don’t have calluses anymore. Sh!t.

So.. Having not done a real good CrossFit WOD in awhile I am feeling it, all over but mostly in my hands. This new gym has all new equipment and all the bars are tearing my hands apart. I thought that after a few days of light weight my callused fingers could finally pick up some weight but after today I’ll definitely have a few days of recovery before I can kick it up again.

Today’s self made WOD:
Warmed up and got my stuff all ready, started out with some pushups and toes-to-bar to get my shoulders prepared for torture.
Hang Power Snatch 55#, last 10 45#
Overhead Press 65#, last 10 45#
5x Toes-to-bar in between each pyramid set

3×12 (6 ea arm) KB snatch 26.5#

After I finished all of that I had a light lunch with a friend of mine and came back to the gym and I don’t know what you would call it but I did a lot of stretching and did some half skin the cats if that makes sense.. Went from hanging to completely upside down toes pointed up and slowly came down and stretched out my back and shoulders.

Another friend of mine wants me to show him an ab routine so I’ll post that tomorrow along with whatever craziness I get into tomorrow, probably just hot yoga though.

This picture is what I had for breakfast as I was running out the door.. Rice cake with all natural peanut butter, chia seeds and wheat germ. Nom nom nom.




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