I think that today in remembrance of those who we lost on 9/11 I will be starting a detox, cleaning out my system and preparing for the next few months of change.

We just got a new gym on Ft Carson that I am going to check out tonight because supposedly they have a decent free pool. So along with a strict paleo diet, 3-4 days of Crossfit, 3-4 days of hot yoga and 3-4 days of running a week, I would also like to start swimming again which I haven’t done in the year I have been in Colorado Springs because the first few times I tried, the altitude just totally kicked my ass and I couldn’t do it. But I’ll be doing a lot of interval training and a recent test I had done showed an extremely decent amount of oxygen in my blood.

So, goodbye bread, soy milk, goodbye 18% body fat, goodbye beer and cranberry and vodkas. Oh yea, forgot to mention I also quit drinking! Ahhh! Someone hold my hand.



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