I almost gave up

So, getting strep and having ignorant doctors that refuse to prescribe you what you know works just isn’t fun, especially when you get sick again two weeks later. But I’m over it.

Yesterdays workout:
.75 mile sprint warmup.. If u can imagine an indoor track where on one of the straight aways there is a stair case going down at one end and up the other end, I did 6 laps up down and around and 3 x 10 tricep pushups

Hang clean 4×6 75#
Hang Clean and press 4×6 75#
Overhead press 4×5 65#
Power clean 4×5 55#

I was dripping sweat after the hang cleans and the clean and press, took it slow and controlled on the overhead press and threw the power cleans up like nothing but my wrists were feelin it.

I stretched out my forearms really well and headed up to my protein shake.
**cup of frozen strawberries, whey protein, tablespoon of peanut butter, scoop of supergreen vegetable supplement, rice milk and a little
Coconut water because it was too thick**

Today work is going to be really lame and I’ll probably be stuck at work really late because we are practicing a bunch of disaster relief procedures. But I’m getting my coffee right now, in the process of not using any sugar, already don’t use any cream cause I’m lactose intolerant. I cooked three chicken breasts last night, a little
More than a cup of green beans and asparagus for today and if I can help it that’s all I’m going to eat today. Sooo, I’ll update my workout later 🙂 ciao.



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