Day 1.2.3

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    So, today I have ventured into the world of blogging. For the next seven months, and after that probably.. but most importantly the next seven months, I will be recording my transition into a Crossfit lifestyle including the diet plan (Paleo/Zone) and of course all of the exercise that entails. I want to advertise the fact that no matter how much you may want to see results within days of beginning a diet and workout plan, it takes a lot longer than that and keeping your whole mind and body focused on your goal is the most important thing. I want this blog to be informative and motivating not only for others but for myself as well. Generally when I start something new I immediately start making excuses and finding my way around the changes that I should be making. One time I tried to quit drinking coffee but then within days turned to espresso drinks and told myself they weren’t as bad because there wasn’t that much caffeine in them.. but they tasted like crap so I had to add soy milk and other additives to them to make them taste good and obviously made the wrong, less healthy choice. But anyway, I will stop rambling and get back to the point… This past Sunday, 15 July, I met with a photographer out of Denver, CO to take a set of photos to show pretty much “Day 1” of my journey, I will be posting them soon and periodically along the way. I am going to post those pictures and then some random ones until my next shoot with him at the end of August. Hopefully by my second shoot I will have my diet plan down and know exactly what I need to eat to maintain the right amount of energy and then I will be shooting with him every two weeks. This may seem excessive but I think that after a few months I will start seeing results quickly and I want to portray that here. I will get into it more tomorrow. Ciao.

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